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Cornerstone Films In Double Project

By: HighCelebritySquard


…Set To Launch Ogun State First Charity School

Saturday 10th of April, 2021, cannot be ordinary day in the anal of Cornerstones Ministry as the ministry is set to do two major things at the Cornerstone Films Camp ground, Papalanto Ogun State

While the most anticipated film of the ministry “Itusile” will be dedicated and launch on the 10th of April, 2021, the ministry known for their dexterity in Christian films, will also be having their fund raising for their charity school where pupil pay no fee

The school –Cornerstone Mission Academy- according to Pastor Abraham Olorunnimiwo who spoke with us in his Papalanto Abeokuta,Ogun state the academy will be the first private charity in Ogun Sate

“We just distributed free uniform at the Cornerstone Mission Academy on Thursday, 11th March, 2021 to all students and we have plan to distribute free books also. That is our vision and mission. Cornerstone is the first private charity in Ogun State and we have mission to make it one of the best. So we seek for sponsorship to do more

He also spoke about the film “Itusile Yoruba”. “The film when finally released will be talk of town the movie will expose many things about Yoruba, the curse on them and solutions. But we want to at first do the dedication and launching of the movie. We have invited many important personalities and pastors. We have invited Evangelist Tope Alabi also Snr. Special Apostle Emmanuel Aderemi Awode of C&S Movement Church, Divine Blessing Cathedral, among others. The film will be on eye opener for Yoruba’s

Itusile Yoruba film will be an eye opener for Yoruba to know the curses that has been placed on Yoruba people. This film Itusile Yoruba will reveal many things about Yoruba, we are not going to just reveal the secret but we will also profound solutions to it. Yoruba is a unique tribe but is like we the people of Yoruba decency does not known the value and it is not our fault but the curse that was placed on the region.”

It will be recalled that cornerstone film international produced and distributed for free a film that synchronized the life of Jesus Christ, which was the first of its kind in African the film titled “Agony of Cross “was well distributed for free across Nigeria

“We are not going to distribute this for free for a reason. Also we would have love to take it to different cinemas of federation but the situation of the country we not allow us going by the rate of political tension in the country”



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