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Mouka Felicitates Christians At Easter, Advocates Precautionary Measures On COVID-19

By: HighCelebritySquard


Mouka, Nigeria’s leading brand of mattresses and bedding products, felicitates Christians in this period of Easter, which signifies the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ.

It also advocates preventive measures on the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic for a more robust celebration.

The social responsible company which has the wellbeing of Nigerians at the core of its mission, urged Christians to see Easter as time of demonstrating love for one another, sharing, tolerance and exhibiting the attributes of Jesus Christ which is the embodiment of the religion that is being practised.

“At this time of coronavirus in the country, a pandemic that has attracted the attention of global leaders, we look on to Christians to pray to God for the speedy containment for socio-economic advancement and also to avert increase in death cases,” he affirmed.

Murphy stated that Mouka has through its social media platforms, created adequate awareness about the pandemic and also distributed medical kits as well as food items to its employees, with regular update on COVID-19 preventive measures.

“We felt this is necessary in order to guarantee the safety and comfort of our staff, even while at home”, Murphy remarked.

The company which places much emphasis on health as portrayed through its quality products, also appealed to other organisations to educate their employees on the deadly coronavirus, provide possible healthcare facilities and basic food requirements for their wellbeing while observing the work-from-home directive.

As part of its efforts towards curtailing the pandemic in Lagos, Mouka recently donated 500 mattresses to the State Government for the enhancement of its isolation centres also meant for the treatment of infected persons.

The mattress production company which delights in adding comfort to life, also donated 200 mattresses to victims of the Abule Ado gas pipeline explosion.

The frontline company also lent its support to Ogun State Government with the donation of 200 mattresses as well for its COVID-19 isolation centres, as part of its corporate social responsibility (CSR) initiatives.

As far back as early February 2020, Mouka had begun raising awareness of COVID-19 prevention on its social media platforms. The company still advises citizens to wash their hands regularly, stay at home, and keep to social distancing guidelines when in public, among others.

The company manufactures quality brands such as Wellbeing orthopaedic mattresses, Dreamtime water-resistant mattress and Mondeo Spring mattress. Other products on its stables include Mouka Mozzi, a three- variant brand of innovative insect repellents and wide range of pillows for a comfortable sleep.









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