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Re-Abandoned Corpses: Laughable And Ridiculous

By: HighCelebritySquard


Our attention has been drawn to a very ridiculous complaint published in the Punch newspaper by a patient who was successfully managed and whose life was saved at our facility recently.

She suffered from a condition which was quite serious on admission. She was IMMEDIATELY admitted on an examination couch for resuscitation and transferred to a hospital bed in the Emergency Unit later. There is usually a high demand on our Emergency unit beds but we prioritise based on severity of patients conditions.

Her description of ‘swollen corpses” around her bed was clearly visual hallucination not unexpected in her condition. Our hospital has a policy of evacuating corpses within 30 minutes of demise.

Nobody pays for blood in public hospitals but patients pay for screening of blood to ensure its safety for transfusion. It is possible to have 3 pints of blood screened for a patient and only one is eventually used. No refund can be made.The reagents to screen had already been used. As a matter of fact, out of sympathy,  one of our doctors donated blood for this patient.

We do not also ask our patients to buy consumables in bits and pieces. We have an admission pack which contains all consumables required for initial care. All these can be checked out.

Most of the other complaints are security issues which our hospital takes seriously.  We do not tolerate assault on our health personnel.

The journalist who published the story never spoke to the hospital management,  instead he was quoting from an exchange of text messages from our Head of Quality Assurance. He was invited to come for a fact finding mission on Friday 20th of January 2023 but he defaulted. We consider this very unprofessional conduct.

LASUTH still remains the one stop option for excellent advanced medical care in Lagos and we will not be discouraged by biased write ups of this nature.





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