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2023 International Chefs Day – Nestlé Professional Inspires The Next Generation Of Chefs Empowering Tomorrow’s Culinary Stars

By: HighCelebritySquard


Commemorating the 2023 International Chef’s Day, 50 children from Nestlé for

Healthier Kids (N4HK) beneficiary schools in Sagamu, Ogun State, had an

immersive cooking experience with Nestlé Professional. The Company believes

that encouraging children to be creative with food motivates them to try out

healthier food options.

Every year on International Chefs Day, Nestlé

Nigeria and the Association of Professional Chefs

Nigeria bring children together to participate in the creation of new recipes

including fruits and vegetables. The immersive events allow the children bring

their personal touch and innovative ideas to the discovery of new ways of

enjoying food without compromising nutrition.

The Association of Professional Chefs Nigeria has partnered with Nestlé over the

years in the company’s efforts to raise awareness about the importance of

maintaining healthy diets to help people imbibe positive eating habits for

healthier lives.

According to, this year’s International Chefs Day celebration

themed, ‘Growing Great Chefs,’ aims to ignite the imaginations of children,

encouraging them to explore the wonderful world of flavors, textures, and

cultures found in culinary arts through early exposure to the art of cooking.


Speaking at the event, Funmi Osineye, Business Manager, Nestlé Professional,

said, “International Chefs Day provides us a unique opportunity to collaborate

with teachers and guardians to enrich the nutrition knowledge of children within

the communities where we live and work. We know that good food enables

good life, and that habits imbibed early in life stay a lifetime with us. We are

therefore delighted to work with the Association of Professional Chefs Nigeria to

introduce children to the exciting world of culinary arts. Today’s hands-on

experience will help them recall the lessons learned in the N4HK in-class

sessions and who knows, in line with this year’s theme, we might just have great

future chefs among us here today!”

Chef Belinda Esoimeme, representing the Association of Professional Chefs

Nigeria said, “We are excited to spend this time with children teaching them the

benefits of a healthy diet in a fun way. Prior to now, the focus was on particular

careers like Medicine, Engineering and Law which are great careers. However, it

is personally fulfilling for me to see young kids indicate interest in joining our

noble profession. This hands-on experience will remain with them for a long

time. Every year, Nestlé Professional continues to raise the bar through it’s

investment in the food service industry especially by supporting the

development of Chefs and inspiring the next generation of Chefs. Giving children

an opportunity to be involved in food is a necessary first step in raising the next

generation of great chefs!”

The International Chef’s Day event program included various activities like the

Junior Master Chef practical session which thrilled the children!

Guided by the chefs, the children were challenged to complete cooking tasks by

adding their personal touch to recipes. The showcase and presentation of their

creations were the highlights for the enthusiastic aspiring chefs.

One of the participants, Favour Elum, a Primary 5 student of Wesley School 1,

Oko, Sagamu, expressed her excitement on being selected to be part of the

event, her first time on a factory tour. According to her, cooking with her team

members and the chefs was so much fun and she now looks forward to cooking

with her Mum at home and to sharing what she has learnt with her friends in


The children were encouraged to share their learning and to take part in

preparing meals with their families. Each participant received fruit coloring books

courtesy of Nestlé Professionals, to serve as reminders of the fruits and

vegetables used during the session.

This event is one of the ways Nestlé Nigeria contributes to its goal of helping 50

million children globally live healthier lives, through the Nestlé for Healthier Kids

program, a global flagship initiative.

Since 2014, Nestlé and the Association of Professional Chefs Nigeria have

partnered to deliver this laudable initiative to encourage children to form

healthier nutrition habits for a healthier future.





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