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4 Key Things To Know About Aquafina Drinking Water

By: HighCelebritySquard 



Except you live under a rock, you must have come across the new Aquafina water #PadiofLife campaign which rekindled awareness on the need for clean water and the benefits to humans.

Not only did the campaign portray pure drinking water as the true friend to the human body, but Aquafina also presented itself as the Padi of Life and best option of water for healthy living.

The #PadiofLife campaign was also a formal unveiling of Aquafina brand ambassadors, popular Nollywood actors, Kate Henshaw, Munachi Abii, Jemima Osunde, Jide Kene and popular social media water crusader, Aproko Doctor.

Aquafina used its ambassadors to tell relatable stories about the crucial role of clean water to healthy living and connected the benefits of friendship to that of clean water in the body.

Here are four key things to know about Aquafina Pure Drinking Water.

Premium International Brand: Aquafina is a global brand produced by the makers of Pepsi. It was first produced in 1994 at Wichita, Kansas, and is available in 35 countries, reaching billions of consumers globally. Aquafina is also produced in Nigeria and is regarded as one of the best-selling bottled water brands because of its guaranteed purity and premium quality.

Seven-step Filtration Process: Aquafina undergoes seven-step filtration protocols, including reverse osmosis to eliminate dissolved solids and organic compounds, carbon filtration, ozonation and ultraviolet light to deliver water that is pure and safe to drink. Aquafina is purity guaranteed and has a valid claim to status as one of the best water brands for nutritional health purposes.

It’s not just water, it’s a lifestyle: Aquafina is not just a water brand, but also a promoter of healthy lifestyle. The brand promotes healthy lifestyle with its sponsorship of notable events/activities including the Lagos City Marathon and the notable Aquafina Elite Model Look.

Availability: Aquafina is a global brand available in 35 countries. For consumers looking for clean, safe, and pure drinking water, Aquafina is available all over the country and comes in 50cl, 75cl, and 150cl pet bottles.




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