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Aare Rasaq Okoya Admonishes Sanwo-Olu To Centralize His Second Term On Massive Industrialization

By: HighCelebritySquard


…Calls On Tinubu To Drastically Improve On The Manufacturing Sector

The management of Eleganza Group headed by the superbly industrious business mogul, High Chief Rasaq Akanni Okoya, the Aare of Lagos has showered praises on the emergence of Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu as President-elect of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. In a media report made available by the group, Aare Rasaq Akanni Okoya (MON) sent a heart warming congratulatory message to the president elect and his vice, Senator Kashim Shettima for a well deserved victory at the February 25 presidential election. The president of Eleganza Group of Industries, Nigeria’s wholly owned indigenous manufacturing company that has been in operation for over 60 years then urged the newly elected president, His Excellency Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu to capitalize on thorough industrialization of the country. According to the Aare of Lagos, the president elect must be aware of the fact that industrialization of the entire country should remain his administration’s cardinal goal through assisting stakeholders to promote manufacturing of goods and products right here in Nigeria. Aside drastically and astronomically improving the economy of the country, industrialization will go a long way in creating massive job opportunities for the teaming youths of the country. Okoya also affirmed that Tinubu’s administration should also focus on the establishment of mid-sized cottage industries and factories and this could be achieved through incubation centres that will be domiciled in warehouses of approximately 5000 Sqm size per cluster (one unit). The vastly experienced and widely travelled industrial legend also added that the incubation centres will be seen as special economic zones serving as industrial infrastructure required for the conversion of agricultural materials into finished products. Narrating further, Aare Okoya stressed that other consumer products will spread across all sectors of the country’s president economy which can also be manufactured in these clusters. He urged the president elect to invite various Chinese machine manufacturers and those of many other countries alike to train Nigerian graduates in vocational skills while also providing much needed technology transfer through the sales of machineries and equipments to facilitate manufacturing of different products and components as opposed to the importation of finished products to conserve the country’s precious foreign exchange.

Aare Rasaq Akanni Okoya also added that each unit in adherence to the 21st century demands of ECO friendliness and nature, will thus prevent environmental degradation.

This will provide practical experience which would give our youths (citizens) a strong sense of belonging, and a promise of hope hence promoting urbanisation in rural areas of the county and stem rural to urban migration by providing wealth in the rural communities where they live. This essentially will prevent overcrowding in already established parts of the country and also keep youths off the streets which will instil a sense of pride and dignity of labour in these youths.

With 50,000 units in each state, in each of the 37 states spread across the federation, they can focus based on the comparative advantages and specialization due to locational advantages in raw materials as well as geographic considerations. The communities will be complemented with suitable living establishments and infrastructure such as good roads, health centres, recreational facilities that will aid the agglomeration of the RURAL economies and communities and spur them into mini vibrant cities.

Clusters can be powered through renewable energy as a backup to the national grid power supply.

All these can be achieved with the aid of public private sector investment through lease holds of 10 to 25 years that will unleash and enable patient capital required to catalyse economic growth, jobs and entrepreneurship for our youths.  If this is done well, it will improve the GDP of the country and leapfrog into a modern industrialized economic power house that can serve the entire African continent.

The Eleganza Group believe this new administration would promote commerce and industry and we pray for the President-elect by God’s grace to consider this and add it to his laudable agenda and blue print for the rebirth of our great Nation Nigeria.

By the same token, the group also appreciates the good works done by the Governor of Lagos state His Excellency Governor Babajide Sanwo-Olu and his esteemed Deputy His Excellency Dr Obafemi Hamzat, who have continued to build on the foundation laid down by the President-elect in sustaining the transformational agenda of the state and making it a centre of excellence for Lagosians and many Nigerians at large.

Aare Rasaq Akanni Okoya, Nigeria’s undisputable greatest industrialist of Al time and Africa’s most remarkable manufacturing giant  believes vividly and patriotically in a GREATER NIGERIA RISING and prays vehemently for the best and most influential, people-oriented government of His Excellencies President-elect Bola Ahmed Tinubu and his vice, Kazim Shettima. Long live Lagos State, long live Federal Republic of Nigeria.





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