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All Presidential Candidates Are Welcome -Ortom

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Benue State Governor, Samuel Ortom, on Tuesday, said as a politician, he welcomed every presidential candidate.

Fielding questions from journalists on his return from Port Harcourt, the governor said people were only reading unnecessary interpretations to the trending picture of himself and the Labour Party presidential candidate, Peter Obi.

Ortom said the challenges facing the country transcended partisan politics.

“At the end, the solution to the challenges of Nigeria is what matters. Where we are today calls for all hands to be on deck,” he said.

He added, “I am free to receive any candidate who comes visiting or seeking audience with me. I cannot say no when such request comes.”

On security, the governor advised farmers in the state to engage in group farming so that when some are working, others can keep watch against the enemies.

While stating that he had applied to the presidency for AK 47 licence, the governor urged the people of the state to be vigilant.

“We will continue to fight for our right. We will not rest.

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“Let me advise our people to embrace group farming because, while some of them will be cropping, others should watch.

“The recent launch of the volunteer guards was meant to protect the state and not to intimidate anyone. Criminals should know that the security architecture of the state will catch up with them.

“Self-defence is the first law of nature. We must defend ourselves. I have made application to the FG for licence to own AK47. We have decided to take our destinies in our hand to want peace. We want to remain the food basket of the nation.

“We shall fight to survive. We are ready to spill the last pint of our blood to protect our lands,” Ortom said.

The governor called on the people of the state to rise up, stressing that enough was enough.

“The FG has demonstrated that they lack capacity to safeguard the country.

“Every Benue son and daughter should fight for the soul of the state. No one can come from anywhere to protect you. There is an agenda for ethnic cleansing and domination,” he added.

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