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Blackout In Zimbabwe: See How Bishop Asari Ossei Tutu Prophecy On Zimbabwe Manifested Within 24 Hours

By: HighCelebritySquard


Just few hours ago ,Senior Prophet, miracle gate international Accra Ghana, Bishop Asari Ossei tutu gave a mind blowing prophecy that the nation of Zimbabwe will witness a total dark out due to some circumstances beyond their reach, the accurate seer said he travel prophetically to Zimbabwe and saw darkness everywhere, as he challenged all the good people of Africa to remember Zimbabwe in prayers, but merely 24 hours after the Oracle of God gave that prophecy during an online Prophetic clinic, the prophecy manifested
At the time of filling in this report the country of Zimbabwe is currently witness total blackout because the national grid, the Hwange power station unit one is on fire, living the people in total darkness
Who says there are no accurate seer in the continent of Africa, if there is anybody like that, he or she should have a rethink, one of such God oracle who hear directly from God is Bishop Asari Ossei tutu, this man of God latest prophecy which came to pass within 24 hours is one of the prophecies this Ghana born Prophet has given with accuracy
It will be recalled that Bishop Asari Ossei tutu prophecies the coming of American President Joe Biden and the reelection of his country president six month before the election and all came to pass.


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