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From Frying Pan To Fire: Gtbank Enmeshed In Irritating App Scandal

By: HighCelebritySquard


High Celebrity Squard News will never seize in unearthening the deliberate devious acts of one of the seemingly fast growing financial institutions in Nigeria, Gtbank.

After the bank’s MD/CEO, Miriam Olusanya was involved in a dangerous financial scandal, the bank was also entangled in  multi trillion naira hullabaloo with the Federal government and this time around, customers of GTbank are gnashing their teeth as regards the poor services being rendered by the bank’s ICT department on its app.

High Celebrity Squard scooped on bitter complaints from customers which we quoted for clarification and genuine media practice.  A complainant, adeshewa wrote that Gtbank shut her out and they should update the app to send her otp, another reads, but who asked you for upgrade sef, God since yesterday. This message is from one mopelola_fashion_beauty and lots more degrading comments too numerous to include on this page.

It is however saddening that a seemingly respected and reputable bank like Gtbank would stoop so low to hold their so called precious and values customers by the jugular as regards having basic information into their personal account details.


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