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HMO Firm Teams Up With PreDiagnosis To Push Telehealth

By: HighCelebritySquard


PreDiagnosis International, Nigeria’s leading grassroots telehealth service provider, has announced a partnership agreement with lifestyle-cum- Health Management Organisation, Medicard Nigeria, to further drive the spread of adoption of its innovative telehealth platform among the poor and vulnerable in the country.

Medicard Health Management is a Global Lifestyle HMO Company with a presence in Philippines, Canada, and Nigeria.

Speaking during the agreement signing ceremony at the PDI Office in Lagos, Project Officer for PreDiagnosis Telehealth Consult, Dr. Folarin Olasogba, described the partnership as another demonstration of PDI’s commitment to the goal of ensuring at least 20 million Nigerians have access to viable healthcare delivery through its telehealth platform on or before the year 2030. This, according to him, is in line with the PDI Reach, Rescue and Fortify (RRF) Mission of delivering affordable healthcare to at least 2 million Nigerians on an annual basis.

He further noted that PDI, by the partnership, was commencing another phase of its hybrid service offering through which it would be able to offer cheap extended medical package to a large pool of Nigerians whether or not they are covered by HMOs.

On his part, Executive Director of Medicard Nigeria, Ezekiel Ezeagwu, said the partnership with PDI would go a long way in aiding Medicard’sintention of helping to deliver affordable healthcare to every household in Nigeria.

According to him, “With the Medicard Lifestyle Card, subscribers can do a whole lot of things to enjoy a robust lifestyle, and as part of our plans to improve the quality of medical offerings of Medicard Nigeria to our subscribers, we have been working on including the integration of telemedicine in our card services and we believe this long term mutually beneficial partnership with PDI is a right move in this direction”

“With an innovative partner like PDI joining force with Medicard Health Management, we are now able to provide healthcare opportunity for our subscribers to enjoy from the comfort of their homes or wherever they are, without having to face the stress of physically visiting the hospital. Secondly, as partners in progress, we can jointly create huge advocacy for the entrenchment of telehealth medicine all over the country because, as at today, most Nigerians who really need telehealth are yet to embrace it”, he further stated.






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