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“I Am More Than Somebody,” Says Yinka Rhythmz (Mr. Somebody)

By: HighCelebritySquard


Yinka Rythmz, popularly known and addressed as Mr. Somebody, is a Nigerian-born USA-based musician; the multiple award winning recording artiste (also known as the Atolase of Texas) is cooking something great for his teeming fans, both home and in disaspora – signed on to Rashan Music International, the label is set to power a multi-million dollar project titled “More Than Somebody,” an EP by Mr. Somebody, produced by OSM Production and a musical short movie produced and directed by the legendary Akin Alabi Films – the project is being recorded in Nigeria and in the USA, featuring quite a number of legendary poets, Hip-Hop artistes, as well as R&B artistes. The visual aspect of the project is being shot at major tourist locations in Nigeria, Finland and Washington DC, with early 2021, spring season to be precise, being a prediction for the release of this body of work.

Without giving off too much information, the choice of the three major significant locations to be harnessed will be revealed when this wonderful project that focuses his my originality, his perspective as an entertainer, as a husband, as an entrepreneur, as a businessman and as a father, is well-delivered with positive views of hope that fans and music lovers all over the world will joyfully be satisfied; a noteworthy offing about this project is that, not only the investors on this project are targeting music lovers, they’re also targeting movie and cinema lovers – the Marketing Director of Rashan Music International is busy working on drawing the plan on how, what and when to introduce a new implementation which is well-planned for the project.

From all that’s been gathered, Yinka Rhythmz a.k.a Mr. Somebody and Rashan Music International would be unveiling the “More Than Somebody (EP)” on the 26th of September, 2020, with it’s final release scheduled for Spring in 2021 – watch out for this project.







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