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I Sold Some Of My Properties For ‘Jagun Jagun’ – Femi Adebayo

BY: HighCelebritySquard 





In an interview with the ladies of Your View on TVC, the filmmaker shared a bit about the financial sacrifices the production of the Yoruba epic demanded from him.

According to him, the Netflix title which is said to have had the largest crew set in Nigeria, was a venture he took on without a bank loan of any sort. In his words, “I didn’t want to go to the bank because I didn’t know when I was going to sell it so the interest will keep rolling if I go the bank. So I was like let me just sell some of my properties”.

However, the exact details of how much was invested into the production of Jagun Jagun and how much had been made from the streaming so far weren’t revealed. But Adebayo gave a little insight into how profitable the sacrifice of selling his properties became. He said, “I think I can buy back times three of what I had sold”.

Adebayo also revealed having the story idea for Jagun Jagun way before the King of Thieves saying, “King of Thieves was a test run for Jagun Jagun”. He further explained that the 2022 Yoruba epic was a means to test the audience’s acceptance of such cultural stories from him.

Jagun Jagun recorded a turnout of 2.1 million viewswithin three days of its debut on Netflix and now viewers are eager to see what new height the filmmaker Adebayo will dare take on again.


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