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Magnificent Kolades Celebrate Wedding Anniversary In Panache.

By: HighCelebritySquard


Love is one of the words emphatically ordered by God as part of the ten commandments as written in the Holy Bible even as the Creator also commanded that a man shall leave his father and mother and cling unto his wife and they shall become one. This is the divine order the Kolades stuck with ever since they tied the nuptial knots. Years back, charming Prince Kayode Kolade, one of Nigeria’s most reliable Customs officer saw and fell in love with yet another damsel from a royal background, Princess Toyin Adejuyigbe, youthful, hardworking, very courteous lady and pronto, one thing led to the other and the two became one. Their union was wholeheartedly blessed by both families as they saw the uncommon qualities bestowed upon the duo. Behold, ever since Prince Kayode and Princess Dr. Toyin Kolade got married, it has been a tale of blissfulness, absolute respect for each other, progress and above all total inculcation of God’s doctrines as their guiding principles. Blessed with lovely children, the Kolades’ marriage has always remained a model for other celebrity marriages not only in Nigeria but across the globe. Just like any other marriage, the union of Prince Kayode and Princess Dr. Toyin Kolade may have its own ups and downs, but the very loving, caring couple knows how to handle all situations without any external intrusion or intervention. Little did anyone knows how the Kolades consecrate their matrimony on daily basis paving the way for it to stand the test of time. As busy professionals, both husband and wife regularly find enough time out of their tight schedule to show passionate love for themselves and their children. Additionally, the Kolades also extend their passion and care for the less privileged around them, making themselves always available to  assist humanity unconditionally. Prince Kayode Kolade is a comptroller of the Nigerian Customs Service who worked assiduously and loyally to climb the ladder of promotions to the rank he finds himself today. His rugged fight against smuggling of banned and illegally transported goods into the country is legendary coupled with his absolute loyalty and dedication to duty, a vow he made to the service many years ago. Today, Prince Kolade is a source of inspiration to the younger generation of officers who admire his high level of discipline and strong willingness to confront corruption and illegal dissemination of fake goods into the Nigerian market. His beautiful, glamorous and hardworking wife, Princess Toyin is a woman of many parts. She is one of the most successful businesswomen and maritime Amazon  of this generation. Princess Toyin Kolade sits atop a highflying conglomerate tagged Fisolak Global Ventures which is into several lucrative sectors of the country’s economy. Princess Kolade is the multiple award winning promoter of culture and the Iyalaje of Apapa. She is the conveyer of the annual Aje Festival hosted in Ile-Ife, Osun State. Today, this wonderful couple marks their wedding anniversary which has been a blissful tale so far. High Celebrity Media Squad wishes this enterprising and humanitarian couple a happy wedding anniversary and many more of such to come in perfect health.







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