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Meet Moyo Bilesanmi, A Passionate Philanthropist Feeding The Needy

By: HighCelebritySquard


The Kind Purse Foundation is restoring hope and trust of the needy, indigents, disadvantaged, disabled and the less privileged, through a simple act of Kindness.

Moyo  Adekoya Bilesanmi   born about four decades ago  has a bachelor’s degree in Psychology from Olabisi Onabanjo University, and a masters degree in criminology.

She has a personal conviction that the best service is that rendered to humanity, hence, her resolve to give back to the society. She does not possess millions in liquid asset, yet she developed a passion for helping the needy.

She said she inherited the heart for kindness and love from her mother when growing up as a little girl.

Her mother was someone that is accommodating and she help people a lot. She has started since last year, but when coronavirus came, she took it as hobby and she has been going from one place to another to assist people.

Her foundation, Kind Purse Foundation is a Non-Governmental Organisation (NGO), established to help indigents members of the society is a break from the norm.

Over the years, Kind Purse Foundation has set itself apart from all other Foundations by genuinely and passionately rendering selfless service to humanity, saving the people from poverty, hunger, all forms of abuse and inhumane treatment to human beings.

Hundreds of thousands of people have benefitted and are still benefiting from the benevolence of the Foundation.

Many are the testimonies of young boys and girls, widows and single mothers, aged and the poor who have benefitted from the various empowerment programmes of the foundation.

The Foundation has helped thousands of Nigerians to survive in this trying and perilous time of the outbreak of Coronavirus pandemic.

Food items such as bags of rice, beans, garri, cartoons of noodles among others have been donated to thousands of widows, single mothers and aged while cash donations were also made to others.

Recently, Moyo picked  three ladies that were through with learning hand work and she empowered them by buying them equipment.

She is planning to be going to each community every month to feed children in those rural community.

She believe when people are well fed, they will not engage in all these social vices.

She has fed over 5,000 people in different communities during this coronavirus pandemic.

She did not have any political ambition , but just love assisting people.

She is using her foundation to empower the needy, poor and children and all she has been doing is just for passion!






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