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Mouka Gives Out 54 Trucks To Business Partners In A Jiffy, Encourages Steadfastness

By: HighCelebritySquard


Mouka, the foremost manufacturer of mattresses, pillows and other bedding products in Nigeria, has rewarded its Business Partners with 54 brand new trucks and other gifts, in appreciation for their dedication to the brand and the sales of its products. The rewards are expected to boost the morale and trade of Business Partners.
The trucks were presented to them at this year’s Business Partners’ awards ceremony which took place at Mouka’s head office at Awosika Avenue, in Ikeja, Lagos, on Saturday, January 30, 2021, under strict Covid-19 protocol.
The event was colourful yet modest amidst great excitement as the frontline company’s generosity dumbfounded the Business Partners. Mouka’s Chief Executive Officer, Raymond Murphy, extolled the Business Partners. He commended them for staying committed to the brand even though the pandemic and harsh market realities.
He remarked that the company has been supporting its Business Partners in various ways; especially through incentives to enhance their business.
The Mouka boss reiterated that the frontline company will always remain committed to safeguarding consumers’ wellbeing by delivering superior products for quality sleep and ultimately sound health.
Mouka’s stables are quality brands such as Wellbeing orthopaedic mattresses, Klinic hospital mattress, Dreamtime water-resistant mattress, and a wide range of pillows help Nigerians sleep well and wake up refreshed.




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