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Obaseki Ouster: How Primate Ayodele Warned Obaseki But He Refuses To Listen

By: HighCelebritySquard

“I told Governor Godwin Obaseki that National leader of his party, Adams Oshiomhole is bent on easing him out of politics and willing to drag him in the mud, using all necessary instrument , hence, the need for him to really restrategize and make more consultations.”
I told him that he needs to involve God in this battle because he can’t fight it alone. But he refuses to listen to the word of God.”

These were the words of the Leader of INRI Evangelical Spiritual Church, Primate Elijah Ayodele, just now as he reacts to the breaking news that Edo State Governor, Obaseki has been ousted from contesting the next state gubernatorial election on the platform of his party, APC.

According to reports, Governor Godwin Obaseki was deemed ineligible by the Screening Committee over multiple inconsistencies in his presented academic certificates, including a Higher School Leaving Certificate the Governor claimed to have obtained from an Institute of Continuing Education in Benin City, Edo State.
The certificate, according to the committee, is unknown to the Nigerian education system and the Governor also admitted during the screening that he never received the certificate.
Furthermore, his NYSC certificate indicated the name ‘Obasek’, and while the Committee acknowledged that this could be an error on the part of the issuing body, it flagged the Governor’s failure to address the problem for years and thus solidified doubts on its authenticity. Governor Godwin Obaseki also failed to supply additional documents solicited as proof of its claims.
On these grounds, the Committee, relying on the party constitution, ruled Governor Godwin Obaseki ineligible for participation in the party primary.
Primate Ayodele while predicting the outcome of the primary had said, “the worst is yet to come in Edo and that if care isn’t taken, there will be blood bath that will result from the power tussle between both candidates.”

He said, ‘’Edo primaries will cost APC a lot, if care isn’t taken, If anyone enters they can’t have peace. Obaseki should restrategize, they want to fight each other to the last. Oshiomhole is hell bent to destroy Obaseki’s career. There will be two results after the primaries and both parties will blackmail each other till the last.”

They will take each other to court, the worst is yet to come in Edo primaries because Oshiomhole is ready to drag Obaseki through the mud, and make him irrelevant in politics.’’

‘’My advice to Obaseki is that he should restrategize, involve God into it, intensify in prayers but as a matter of fact, Oshiomhole has eased Obaseki out of the game. He will use all avenues to get him out. He must use all means or else he will be chicken out. He should make a better consultation with his group and God’

“Oshiomhole will use necessary instrument direct or indirect, the election is out already, either direct or indirect. Ize iyamu too will not find it easy.”

“If care isn’t taken, there will be bloodbath, both parties will fight dirty before the election and after the election. If Obaseki succeeds, he will become a political hero but it wont be an easy journey at all.”

All these he said before the outcome of the apc’s screening committee, but Governor Godwin Obaseki, won’t be seeking re-election again from the party that brought him in almost four years ago as, there are now permutations that he might be seeking refuge from the opposition party, PDP, to actualise his dreams.

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