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Ogba NNPC Fire Disaster: Oil Marketer, Car Dealer Count Their Losses

By: HighCelebritySquard


Monday the 27th of April will always remain an indelible day in the minds of the franchise owner of an NNPC gas station situated on Yaya Abatan road in Ogba, Ifako Ijaiye Local Government Area. The inferno, suspected to be triggered by a gas explosion in the filling station destroyed properties worth millions of naira. Burnt alongside the filling station was a car dealer’s outlet stocked with state of the art cars. Additionally, some neighborhood supermarkets and other businesses were also affected by the ravaging inferno. It took about an hour before men of the Lagos State Fire Service could arrive at the scene of the fire incident. The fire has already wreaked an havoc before their arrival and this got the area boys around infuriated but for the presence of men of the Nigerian Police who shielded the firemen from attacks. However the car dealer whose outlet was right beside the filling station was the most affected as many of his sophisticated cars were burnt beyond recognition. Only God knows if the cars were insured. The area boys on rescue mission at the car outlet were able to salvage three cars after breaking the gate of the outlet to gain entrance as the workers were at home due to the Covid ’19 lockdown.

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