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Ola Samuel’s “ABIKE EKUN” Storms Nollywood With A Bang!

By: HighCelebritySquard


The Nigerian film industry witness a new trend as an oncoming blockbuster movie hit the screen. The film was professionally directed by Yoruba Nollywood practitioner Segun Ogungbe, one of the most experienced film makers and artiste the country has produced.
The story line showcase the fact that life is about different strokes for different folks while it also reveals that some people get stuck to their current situation because they are not willing to say goodbye to the familiar circumstances. It is obvious that some people are of the believe that Just because of what people will say… They are acting under ‘Kini ka ti gbo? Kuro Nibe.’ One of the messages of the story line is to bid goodbye to limited thinking, old mindset, myopic vision, bad relationships that can limit you from achieving your dreams and bad friends that can hinder one’s progress in life.


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