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Ooni Receives Son, Prince Adesoji Aderemi, Releases Facial Identity To The Public

By: HighCelebritySquard


The Ooni of Ife & Arole Oodua, Ooni Adeyeye Enitan Ogunwusi, Ojaja II, on Tuesday received his crown prince Tadenikawo Adesoji Aderemi Ogunwusi, releasing his pictures to the public.

The Prince came in a motorcade to the entrance(Enu Geru)of the Palace and received by the AGBA IFE led by Obalufe of Ife, Oba Idowu Adediwura, The MODEWA led by Lowa Adimula of Ife, Highchief Adeola Adeyeye and EMESEs led by Sarun Oriowo Oyeyemi. They all ushered the Prince and his mother, Queen ShilekunOla Ogunwusi(YEYELUWA), the families, friends and associates from Akure into the Ooni’s Palace.

The Prince and his mother first stopped at Ile-Nla within the palace courtyard where the families and relatives of Ogunwusi Royal families and friends were awaiting the arrival of the baby from where they proceeded to Emese’s court, where the Prince was finally handed over to his joyful father, Ooni Adeyeye Ogunwusi who came out through the sacred ILE IGBO in accordance to the full culture and traditions of Ile-Ife as always observed whenever a reigning Ooni receives his newly born Prince into the palace after the necessary rites of 21 days.

After receiving his son from the mother, Ooni Ogunwusi accompanied by relevant spiritual aides swiftly took the baby straight into the inner chamber of ILE IGBO for the necessary spiritual confirmation to establish the blood lineage of Oduduwa our progenitor following the foots steps of his ancestors.

The monarch later came out from ILE IGBO with smiles and majestic dance steps welcomed by thunderous shouts “Kabiyesi ooooo!” “Kabiyesi oooooo!” from the waiting crowd who watched with excitements and jubilations as Ooni handed over the Prince to his elated mother who danced with the baby in her hands to her apartment at the palace.

Ooni’s Palace was full of activities as various people across the country came in droves to witness the grand entry of the Prince and the subsequent handing over to the joyous father who was seeing him for the first time since he was born 3 weeks ago.

It would be recalled that the palace of the Ooni of Ife two weeks ago during the 8 day naming ceremony announced that it would not release the facial identity of the Prince to the public until after the mandated 21 days in line with the cultural legacy established by Oduduwa Olofin Adimula several centuries ago.



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