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Parties Differ On Call For Candidates’ Health Status

By: Highcelebritysquard 


Arabambi added, “It is when you are frequenting hospitals that your health status becomes a concern, and our candidates have not been doing so. He has been consulting and engaging Nigerians at home and in the Diaspora.

“We challenge Bola Tinubu to do a two-kilometre walk with Peter Obi in Lagos. We are confident that he will not be able to do 500m before he is escorted by ambulances and helicopters out of the place.”

However, the presidential candidate of the Social Democratic Party, Chief Adewole Adebayo, said he would be willing to release his health status before the forthcoming elections if it was made a standard practice.

Speaking with Saturday PUNCH in a telephone interview, Adebayo said, “Take a look at those running for governor, House of Representatives, House of Assembly, how many of them are healthy?

“So, it is not every disease that has visible symptoms. If it should be standardised (the health status inquiry), the fitness of a person who is running for public office should be public knowledge.

“I can release my health status, but it is not to taunt another person. I don’t want to be a jester; I want to talk about issues. Before anybody can talk about another person’s health status, that person has the moral duty to release his health status first. That person should go to a national hospital where a government-paid doctor will examine him.”

Similarly, the spokesperson for the presidential candidate of the People Redemption Party, Kola Abiola, Iliyasu Gadu, described Morka’s comment as “dubious sophistry.”

He stressed that the APC had shown Nigerians that they might suffer a repeat of the experience they had with the undisclosed health status of the President, Major General Mohammadu Buhari (retd.), if APC emerged at the forthcoming polls.

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