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Proper Structure Key To Business Longevity – Durotoye

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Nigerian beauty Entrepreneur and founder of House of Tara International, Mrs Tara Durotoye, has said that having a proper structural framework is a fundamental recipe for business success.

The beauty entrepreneur said this during her keynote speech at a seminar on Saturday at the Citadel church in Lagos tagged ‘Effulgence: Scaling your business, master class, and exhibition’.

She said Nigerians who relocate out of the country would always be second-class citizens wherever they found themselves, and therefore must look within to unleash their innate potential.

Speaking at the seminar with the participants on the benefits of structure in a business, Durotoye said, “Scaling your business needs structure. As you are growing and getting more customers and generating more customers, generating more money for sales, you have to think about structure, and that will give your business longevity.

“We need structure in our businesses because it is a call to national service. I understand that many people are not patriotic and don’t care about Nigeria.

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“But I am hoping that there are remnants who still believe. So I am speaking to these people and hoping those who are not patriotic will hear, and a seed will be sown that will germinate tomorrow.”

She added that, “Because no matter where you go to, you will always be a second-class citizen. That’s the truth; you can fly to London, and live in London but do not forget that the chances that your whole family will move are very unlikely. You will still have roots here, so when you are building structure for your business, think long-term.’’

One of the speakers at the event, such as the Managing Director, Fastizers Foods, Gbola Lawson, said that there’s a process to marketing, human resources, and other elements, and principally, “All of these are a set of systems that make up a business.”

Head of Logitech, Kayowa Ogunrinde, speaking on sales marketing, explained it as the ability to persuade or transfer enthusiasm about a product or service.

He urged the participants to invest in themselves so that no matter what situations they found themselves in, they would be valuable with the capacity to accept responsibility for their life’s results.


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