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Residents Resort To Self-Defence Over Robbery Attacks

By: HighCelebritySquard


Residents of Agege, Oko-Oba, Abule-Egba, Agbado Crossing, Ijoko, Fagba and other areas of Lagos and Ogun states now keep vigil to ward off robbers.

This followed a wave of violent robberies by armed gangs in those areas while the police were either overwhelmed or ill-prepared for the insecurity brought about by the lockdown.

On Saturday and early hours of Sunday, some hoodlums, believed to be members of “One million Boys” and “Awawa” cult groups invaded some streets at Agege, Abule-Egba, Agbado Crossing, Fagba, Ijoko, Ifako-Ijaiye and other areas, breaking into people’s houses and shops to loot.

The boys forcibly gained entrance into some shops and residents with weapons such as guns and machetes to rob people of their possessions.

New Telegraph learnt that the hoodlums wounded some people during the attacks, which occurred in broad daylight.

Therefore, to prevent any attack yesterday, residents in different parts of Lagos and Ogun states celebrated Easter by keeping vigil with all manners of local weapons, charms and bonfires..

At Agege, a commercial motorcyclist, said he and others in his area didn’t sleep overnight.

He said: “We were all awake guiding our streets. We don’t have money and we cannot afford to open our eyes to allow anybody to come and harm us inside our house. So, we have to stay awake over the night to protect ourselves.”

Also, a young girl at Oko-Oba area of Agege said nobody was able to sleep overnight in her area because of gunshots.

She said: “Some people came to rob in our area early today (yesterday) but they could not succeed as the police and boys in the area chased them away.”

During a visit to many streets at Abule-Egba, Oko-Oba and Agege, our correspondent saw burnt tyres on the road as many residents stayed awake to defend their areas.










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