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Shettima At BRICS Summit: Nigeria Seeking International Alliance For Economic Investments

BY: HighCelebritySquard 



…Vice-President Kashim Shettima says Nigeria is seeking a partnership that provides opportunities for all to engage in trade, prosperity and shared progress with no marginalisation.

The vice-president spoke at the 15th BRICS summit held in Johannesburg, South Africa.

On August 21, Shettima departed Nigeria to represent President Bola Tinubu at the summit.

In a statement issued on Thursday by Olusola Abiola, director of information in the office of the vice-president, Shettima emphasised global governance reform as a necessity for partnerships that ensure inclusivity and sustainable development.

He said the outlined agenda of the meeting aligns with “the aspiration of the people we represent and the future citizens of a world that can ensure our collective prosperity”.

“We want a partnership that guarantees a world governed by acceptable rules and norms,” he said.

“We seek a partnership that provides opportunities for all to engage in trade, prosperity, and shared progress with no marginalisation based on geography, race and legitimate sovereign affiliations.”

“These nations confront historical developmental vulnerabilities and challenges that are beyond their control.

“Thus, it is imperative for us to unite within regional groups and forge a novel form of international cooperation.

“This endeavour aims to foster global economic governance reform while enhancing the representation and voice of emerging market economies or developing countries.”

Shettima said Nigeria is committed to playing a major role in shaping global framework and governance in areas of finance, climate change, digital economy and post-pandemic recovery.



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