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The Birth Of Marriot Hotel: Sets To Dominate The International Hospitality Sector

By: HighCelebritySquard


Nigeria’s prolific businessman and multi-faceted boardroom tycoon, Dr. Taiwo Afolabi is set to bring a new dimension into the Nigerian hospitality industry. The ebullient and highly intelligent businessman is known to be a successful man having worked so assiduously to attain great heights in life. A man with the midas touch due to the fact that any business venture he delves into is always successful, competing shoulder to shoulder with international counterparts. Dr. Afolabi ranks among the wealthy dudes in Nigeria and also amongst those that control the economy of the largest black nation in the world. The Ijebu, Ogun State born business technocrat is always ready to go extra miles in attaining a global height and setting a world-class standard for all his business endeavors’. Right now, he is on the verge of completing what would soon be tagged the best thing to happen to Africa’s hospitality industry named Marriott Hotel. Dr. Afolabi, who is known to be a man of class, elegant and panache is taking his time to get the best out of the hotel and this is the more reason it took such a long time to complete the sparkling and vastly massive edifice. According to information at our disposal, the Sifax boss has never been in a hurry at any point in time inspite of rumours been peddled in all news platforms. What Dr. Afolabi wants and dreamt of was a Marriott Hotel that would be a paragon of excellence in the hospitality sector. Driving around Oba Akinjobi and Joel Ogunnaike in the hearts of Ikeja GRA, one would be mesmerized on sighting the sprawling seven-floor gigantic edifice and architectural masterpiece that spans the two streets.
It took Dr. Taiwo Afolabi several years after obtaining a license to operate the Marriott Hotel franchise locally and today, the multi-billion naira 5-Star hotel is finally on the verge completion with only minor finishing touches being made to make the sparkling and humongous hotel a haven for the noveau riche of the society. It could be recalled that prior to the present level of work at the hotel, many critics of the venture thought it as a tale by Moonlight, but to their amazement, Dr. Taiwo Afolabi bounced with a talk-of-the-town groundbreaking ceremony and this move further revealed to many that the SIfax boss ever invest his money on any non-viable projects. As a shrewd businessman, the unassuming Dr. Afolabi knows his onion as far as business is concerned.
However, very soon, the 251-room hotel that stands on over 7,000sqm of land would be unveiled to the public and we also gathered that the hotel will be fully completed in the next few weeks. The hotel packed to the hilt with amenities and luxuries to make travellers comfortable and feeling like royalty. An outdoor swimming pool, a fitness club, a spa and a gym fully cater to those seeking leisure while the executive lounge, meeting, seminar and boardrooms are ready for the business-oriented. Dr Taiwo Olayinka Afolabi is not just a key player in the maritime sector; his entrepreneurial fingers are on haulage & logistics, oil & gas and aviation sectors etc. Through the Marriott Hotel in Ikeja, he has added hospitality to his array of successful business ventures.

Story By: Quadri Olowolagba, Editor-In-Chief, High Celebrity Squard Int. Magazine.



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