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The Epoch Dominating Strength Of Laredo Small Chops In Nigeria

By: HighCelebritySquard


…The inspiring story of one of Nigeria’s most successful small chops gurus
…How he diversified into other sectors of the Nigerian economy

Founded by creative and hardworking Olanrewaju Jimoh, Laredo Small Chops is a force to reckon with in Nigeria. The company has been able to storm and dominating the sector of providing small chops to guests at several parties and events all over the country and in the Diaspora. The way Laredo Small Chops was modelled radiates creativity and uniqueness in all ramifications and this led to the fact that Laredo is always busy every weekend attending to the yearnings of party guests who could not wait until the readiness of meals.
Having seen the vision that the future of small chops business in Nigeria would be bright, Olanrewaju Jimoh braved all odds to throw his hat in the ring after having a stint at Saheeto Small Chops and today, he never regrets doing so. Situated in the hearts of Lagos Island, the founder also known as Laredo has, over the years diversified into other areas of business which include real estate, hiring of earth moving machineries and road construction.
The story of this young and Nigerian astute businessman started on a humble manner as he used to hawk food at the Okesuna area of Lagos Island as a secondary school student having developed the skill of cooking and selling, a rare feet found in a male child back in those days. Whenever his mates were either playing football or getting engaged in other playful activities, Laredo was busy doing the business that would make him one of Nigeria’s most successful business tycoons. A very dutiful and hardworking young boy, Laredo had a very deep passion for cooking and pronto, he got a job as a waiter prior to his delving into small chops production.



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