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The Presentation Of Chieftaincy Title To DPO For Her Undisputable Leadership – Eze Ndi Igbo Lagos.

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The Eze Ndigbo Lagos State has been praised for honouring the Aswani Divisional Police Officer,Chief Mrs Dr. Oyin Frances with the title of OCHO UDO NDI IGBO 1 NA Lagos translated as Peacemaker. And enunciated that is one of the example of her Leadership quality.
anyone who is impacting her society positively to save lives and prevent war occurrence.

The Divisional Police Officer of Aswani police station,mrs Oyin Frances ( SOA)expressed her appreciation by the weekend to praise Eze Ndigbo during the official Commissioning of Ndigbo Palace Lagos State and Annual Cultural Festival for the year 2020 held at cele Okota area,that it gladdens her heart to be given a Chieftaincy title,

The Aswani DPO expressed her appreciation to the Eze Ndigbo of Lagos for the kind gesture showered on her and stated that it is important to share love with every tribe in the state so as to make peace reign and be progressive in our endeavours.

The Lagos State Governor, Mr. Babajide Olusola Sanwo Olu who was represented by Igbo delegate,Hon. Wale Adelana did the cutting of the tape to commission the Igbo Palace in Lagos to the glory of Almighty God and prayed that the palace shall be a solution centre for all.

He stated in his message that every Resident matters to Governor in Lagos comprising of Igbo,Yoruba and Hausa people. He thanked the Igbo community for their uprightness and support in the state as he would never stop seeing the Igbo’s as partners in progress.

The Chairman of the Ndigbo, Igbo Community, Dr. Eze Nwachukwu Christian spoke in an interview with the Newsmen that the Ndigbo palace in Lagos has been the place where government functionary are given Chieftaincy titles since the Administration of the former Governor of Lagos,Bola Ahmed Tinubu and he introduced all ethnic group in the state. He said.

Eze Ndigbo Nwachuku described Inrijin event as a special ocassion which shows you where you are coming from,going and where you are presently and draw organogram to celebrate Yam by reminding the people of history in Igbo land ,saying also that IRI JI FESTIVAL is an annual festival that the Igbo’s use in promoting their culture and traditions, during iri ji festival, Igbo’s use it to honour their notable sons and daughters, It’s also a time, that Igbo’s look round in all works of life and pick those that has contributed immensely to the peace, harmony security and the development of Nigeria at Large not minding their tribe or believe and honour Them with a chieftency title during the iriji festival, meaning, one must not be their daughter or son before one will be honored . For any individual to be honored during their iriji festival, the person must have done a remarkable thing in the area of his or her service, it’s a way of encouraging people to do more and that’s why all the Igbos in Lagos decided and agreed to Award chief Mrs Dr OYIN FRANCES SOA with a chieftency tittle of OCHO UDO NDI IGBO NA 1 Lagos state, for saving the life of one Demola during the last general election, that would have brought a big tribal crisis between Igbo’s and their landlords the Yorubas, which she single handedly took the boy to the hospital and made sure she did everything possible to bring him back to life with the help of God.

The coronation host the number 1 igbo man in Lagos, popularly known as IGBO 1, the person of Eze Nwachukwu Christian
Eze Ndigbo of Lagos
Chairman council of Eze Ndigbo in Lagos state said Yam which is celebrated yearly helped the Igbos years back during scarcity. All to promote peace and Unity among all asundry.

The Member of the Lagos House of Assembly ,Hon. Jude Idimogun Chukwuemeka prayed in his address to launch the new yam celebrated that God would spare the lives of everyone till next year to eat more yam and he however said that Rome was not built in a day as Lagos is still working towards bringing everyone into one umbrella to speak in one voice because there is need for us to be one in Lagos state.

The General Igbo community leader(National) Hon. Solomon said Nigerians must not let vocal misunderstanding trouble the nation because a lotpeople are suffering from vocal diarhea “when i joined the gathering of people in Lagos,i urged every Igbo to embrace the Ruling party in the state because i understood that Yoruba culture is number one that has the largest voice to contribute to the progress of the state because if ooni of Ife moves a motion other Yoruba follow so that does not mean Igbo people should say another people s land is our own for 90% percent of people in Lagos are not lagosians. So in order to let peace reign in Nigeria Igbo’s are only competitors not Enemity and we have contributed massively anywhere across the world,not only in Lagos state.
According to Gbenga Adewale



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