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Tinubu Is My Father And A Good Son Will Always Enjoy The Better Part Of A Father: Otunba Kehinde Oloyede Almoruf

By: HighCelebritySquard


Otunba kehinde Oloyede Almoruf better known as kennydoo investment, is one of the founding members of modern politics in oshodi/Isolo today. The pop ular lagos house developer is one of the strong believer and followers of Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu (The jagaban of Nigeria politics). Kennydoo, son of former popular iyaloja TA Almoruf is one of the strong candidate aspiring to takeover from the sitting local government chairman hon. Muse Ariyo. In this interview, otunba Oloyede Almoruf explains his relationship with Alhaji musiliu Akinsanya(Mc oluomo) and jagaban bogu of Nigeria Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu.



How is preparations going for your forthcoming political ambition?

Well, we are working hard. Mobilization and consultations are going on internally pending the release of party programs and Lasiec. Am enjoying the acceptance of both the party and the good people of oshodi. So far so good our endeavours are yielding positive results. And God on our side,  everything is getting colourful and soft.


How supportive would you say Tinubu is towards your ambition?

A father will always support a child that aspired to be great. In all ramifications of life Asiwaju bola Ahmed tinubu my father, mentor and my search light has always stood by all his son’s and am pretty sure mine is not an exemption.


Will you say he has endorsed you like MC Oluomo did?

Your question is more of a replica to the above question. MC OLUOMO is my brother and we both grew up in same OSHODI. He’s support was born out of brotherhood and the community at Large energized him on the need to move the community forward as indigenous brothers.

Same as my father the Jagaban of progressive politics. The Jabulani of power game in Nigeria. The real pathfinder of modern progressive politics. The rescuer, the agitator, the political tsunami, He is a man of the people and a man on the right side of history, the capo di capi of politics.

Baba loves he’s children and he has always thrown his shoulder to support his children that’s is why baba will continue to be ASIWAJU he is a molder of Men.


How is your relationship like with Tinubu?

A Good son will always enjoy the better part of a father. My relationship with Our National leaders is beyound politics rather,  it is a father to son issue. In every aspect, have enjoyed his blessings and mentorship and am proud to have a working relationship with a father who

has exhibited uncommon wisdom, tolerance, remarkable vision, and exemplary leadership to the good people of Lagos and the All progressive CONGRESS including the country at Large.

His has mentored me to what I am today. He has inculcated the sprit of I CAN DO IT in me. In view of this, am proud and convinced to let you know that am enjoying his patriarchal blessings and acceptance.


 How optimistic are you about your chances of winning?

A soro se bi owun ti Olorun ko lowo si. ” Imposibility is something that has no hand of God” With God on our side we are coasting to victory. When you put all in God’s hands and you work very hard things will surely fall in place. Am pretty sure we shall run the race with gratitude.









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