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Top Comedian, Gbenga Adeyinka’s New Moves

By: HighCelebritySquard


For the far sighted ones among us, no one needs a soothsayer or a crystal ball to realize that life in the post Covid 19 global environment will not be the same as we know it. From our religious, business, recreation to social activities, the dynamics have changed for good and it is no wonder that individuals whose means of livelihood, the sharp ones among us are already looking ahead and are already casting their bread in fresh and new waters in line with the dictates of the times we have found ourselves.

Among the severely hit sectors is the entertainment sector with the global lock-down putting a stop to social gatherings and activities.

In other for them not to be trapped in the loop, notable figures in the Nigerian entertainment industry are already charting new parts and exploring new vistas to make ends meet. Leading this group is ace comedian Gbenga Adeyinka who disclosed recently that he is on the verge lf the official opening of his new foods, bakery and confectionery business. In an official statement that was just circulated in the press, Gbenga Adeyinka stated;

As you well know, Covid-19 has adversely affected an Industry where I am an active player.

In the desire to open new vistas, I am embarking on a new entrepreneurial journey. In honor of my mum who I lost 10 years ago, I have registered a company to immortalize her called Adunni Adeyinka Foods.

We are into Farming, Bakery/Confectionery and Bottled Water Production.

We will be opening the Bakery arm of the business on Sunday, August 9th at 12 noon and I will be delighted if you kindly have in your prayers.

There is no doubt that given his dynamism, widespread goodwill and unwavering focus and workaholic disposition, Gbenga Adeyinka is poised to give the competition in his new line of business a good run for their money and we are wishing him all the luck he wants for himself.









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