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UPDATE: On Alleged Missing Intestines: LASUTH Is Not Culpable…

BY: HighCelebritySquard 




This new statement is coming out based on the feedback we have received to the effect that we need to be clearer concerning our involvement in this case. We were of course being mindful of breaching medical ethics by putting out too many clinical details of our patient.

One of the hazards of working in a teaching hospital is that you have to, nilly willy, deal with complicated cases. We do not complain. We do it. That is why government invested a lot of funds in recruiting highly skilled medical experts, training and retraining them as well as providing state-of-the-art ultra modern facilities and equipment. We get these cases, we sort them out, many go away happy, a few not so happy and we lose some.

All these depend on the shape the patients are in when we get them. Some have been badly managed where they were coming from, some have had botched surgeries but we do not reject any case. As we always tell ourselves, we are not in business for bread and butter cases.

It is on this premise, that we wish to comment briefly on a case of alleged missing intestines in which a hapless mother whose son had two surgeries in a private hospital and a corrective, reconstructive surgery in our hospital is alleging that her son’s intestines must have been harvested.

She is asking both the private hospital and our hospital to answer questions regarding the whereabouts of her son’s intestines. During the reconstructive surgery that our consultant paediatric surgeon and her team carried out, certain strange and shocking findings were observed. Thank God, a video recording of the procedure was made.

The mother of the patient was informed about the findings, which were obviously from the previous surgeries, but she remained in denial. At the appropriate time, the video will be shown.

We set up a high powered panel to investigate this matter. It has completed its work and our surgeons were not found culpable of removing structures from the patient.

A government regulatory agency has already waded into the matter and is currently investigating. We are cooperating fully. We have already submitted all relevant documents to it.The patient is still under our care.

We are also cooperating with the mother in making available materials required to facilitate a possible transfer of the patient’s care to a facility abroad. We sincerely empathise with this family. Quite clearly, these are trying times for the members.

There is a definite requirement for a lot of funding to continue the management of the patient. It is also legitimate for the family to seek financial support from the government and other kind hearted members of the society. What we find most reprehensible is what looks like blackmail of the government by wanting to rope in a reputable government institution into the genesis or evolution of the problem.

For the avoidance of doubt, our hospital carried out a life saving, corrective, reconstructive surgery. A team of highly skilled and excellent paediatric surgeons were involved and had continued to offer commendable post surgery care. As expected, we are prepared to show concrete evidence to this effect.



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