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US Sanctions Russian Network Linked To Sudan Violence

By: HighCelebritySquard


…US Places Sanctions on Russian Prigozhin Network Linked to Violent Suppression of Democratic Protestors in Sudan

Today, the US Department of the Treasury placed sanctions on individuals and businesses linked to Yevgeniy Prigozhin, the financer of the Russian troll farm Internet Research Agency (IRA), for attempts to suppress protestors seeking democratic reform in Sudan. Targeted entities include M-Invest and Meroe Gold located in Sudan, Hong Kong, and Thailand.

Dr. Suliman Baldo, Senior Advisor at The Sentry, said: “The continued presence of these Prigozhin-linked companies in Sudan represents a threat to the fledgling democratic transition in the country. The ongoing theft of Sudan’s natural resources is a scandal that the civilian-led government should end immediately.”

Treasury’s Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) action added M-Invest to its Specially Designated Nationals List. As a result of OFAC’s action today, US persons can no longer do business with the designated entities and any US bank accounts would be frozen.

Prigozhin is the financer of the Internet Research Agency (IRA), the Russian troll farm that was designated by OFAC in 2018. Prigozhin is also believed to be the financier behind Private Military Company (PMC) Wagner, a designated Russian Ministry of Defense proxy force. PMC Wagner’s activities in other countries, including Ukraine, Syria, Sudan, and Libya, have incited violence against innocent civilians. Due to his involvement in these activities and his connections to the Russian government, Prigozhin has been designated pursuant to Executive Orders (E.O.s) 1384813694, as amended, and 13661.

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